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Canvas Repairs

Carver 38 - Window/Zipper Repairs

Light Smoke (Crystal Clear), Smile Zippers

Replaced two forward panels with light smoke and large smile zippers, replaced large damaged starboard smile zipper, and port size YKK zipper

Zipper Repair and Re-Stitching

Staying on top of broken zippers and frayed stitching extends the life and usability of your existing Canvas

These repairs extend the life and usability of your canvas.  Allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

Hunter Passage 42 - Dodger window replacement

Replaced old Makarolon window with Tufftak Marine 5 - like looking through glass

This replacement was pretty time-intensive; however, the rest of the Dodger and Bimini was in excellent shape.  The repair saved this owner $$$$

Repair sail view window in Bimini and Cleanup some worn Canvas

The window cracker over the winter.  Replace with a Tufftak Marine 5 window.  Added vinyl in a few locations to extend life

Allowed this owner to make this Bimini last through another season

Hunter 380 Dodger Repair

Gained the owner at least one more season with this repair

This owner wanted to improve the appearance of his vessel and fix the issue that connected the Dodger to the Bimini.  

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